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High school is a great time for students to start shaping their career paths. The many academic opportunities available at Crosby-Ironton High School include courses to help our students meet and exceed Minnesota State Standards, preparing them for a college curriculum. Our core classes give graduating seniors a leg up when applying for college by allowing them to explore various subjects and classes.

Beyond standard subjects, we offer classes in a variety of areas such as welding, interior design, video production, and small engines. We also offer Concurrent Courses (College in the Schools) and Advanced Standing (Tech. Prep.) Courses - college-level classes taken at the high school. This allows our students to earn both high school and transferable college credits simultaneously.

Below you'll find important information and instructions for registering for the 2019-2020 school year as well as additional resources to assist you. 

>> 2019-2020 Registration Guide

Our 2019-2020 Registration Guide has key information regarding Graduation requirements, College Admissions, NCAA, Concurrent Enrollment, Advanced Standing, PSEO, Transfer Curriculum, Bridges Career Academies, Crosby-Ironton Course descriptions, and Distance Learning options.

If you have any questions regarding enrollment and registration, contact the High School Office.

Additional Resources

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